Monday, June 20, 2011


fun fun at work.

Can't believe how come I was able to stumble upon my site after so long. A friend just reminded me about blogging so why not update my blog site though it's gonna be difficult since many things happened which all driven me insane. Actually, not much maybe it all given me headache and some unnecessary sickness.

Well let's start from the time I received the worst news anyone could possibly imagine. A bit exaggerated but its a big deal when you're an immigrant and staying temporary in a foreign place like here in NZ. I guess you already know what i mean however i can't shout it out loud so the world could see/hear lol. Anyway, it a bit of a struggle as for me knowing how unexpected it could be that stricken me all of a sudden. You don't have any single idea how everyday when i wake up, I felt so hopeless and helpless like the whole world is against me that I never did anything right in my life..such thing sucks.

After all those trials, I can say that the faith is still there and I'm holding onto it till I get to the finish line. I wonder if I let go easily, maybe I ain't writing this entry for sure. Being a bum is not a new story for me as I was a long bum after graduation. It isn't funny stuff coz people do think you're not doing something and they start to criticize you and everything from your superficial to your soul where indeed they don't even know the concept of failing big time consistently.

Until now, my life is still unpredictable..well, who's not..haha. I can't say that I was given a chance for my mighty wish of fortune and luck. Sometimes, I'm getting into my nerves but thanks to the people showing positivity and making me realize HOPE. Aside from that, I realized whose my real friends are. So disappointed with some people who I once thought were very concern and fully-understood my situation..Anyway, i can't please everyone.

Whatever happens, i will never forget those people who shown concern and helped me even with a simple note of "kaya mo yan!" (you can do it).

Friday, March 4, 2011


FEBRUARY 22, 2011

A big earthquake struck Christchurch in the wildest devastation no one could ever imagine. It rocked the city just in the middle of the day at 12.51 pm where most of the people were outside the city and inside their respective place of work or study. Unlike last year's earthquake, it had been multiple fatalities making Christchurch the last place to live in. CTV Building was highly affected where 9/11 Filipino Nurses studying English trapped inside. Numerous people, foreigners, young, old and innocent babies suffered in this disaster.

I'm very thankful because I was in the safe place that time. I'm deep asleep and the shake woke me up. It gives me goosebumps everytime I think of the last time I was in the city which was a day before the quake. Hey, it's like yesterday when I had a coffee with June in the middle of the city where all the buildings surrounding us! Terrifying indeed considering the fact that I usually go to city every after lunch or whenever I feel like going to the library or maybe have a drink of coffee and roam around the city. Unbelievable knowing that Christchurch will never be the same again. Heritage buildings were devastated and even the Cathedral destroyed into undefined broken structure. I feel for the people who lost their lives helplessly.

Feeling so helpless is what I felt upon realizing how much damage not only in the properties but mostly to people whose lives were taken away with much suffering.. As for me, I wanted to move out from this place but my mind was shaken with the reality that it isn't easy to rush on things. It can be easy to decide whether to leave or not but the main point is what life's waiting for me if I transferred to a different unfamiliar place. I'm playing stupid if I do so. Glory already moved out from this house with her own personal reasons and flew to Auckland couple of days ago. I'm officially occupying my room alone. New start, new beginning of living on my own. Trying to be brave after all these disasters and dramas along the way. Be strong for yourself, Geralyn. Pray Hard.

Photos from the Earthquake's Terrifying Disaster:

Cathedral Square


(February 05, 2011)

Myself.ate gina's friend.ate gina.rachel.carl

Amber.rachel.ate gina.carl

myself and marion

Ate Gina

(February 10, 2011)

Time capsule inside this statue

Junea nd his gross pose

naughty boy

(February 12, 2011)


Daughter and Mother

Gianni and Gabby

After I've hanged out @ Ate Gina's place.
Movie Marathon as my Day off's Addiction


2 months have already passed by, i bet i'm too late to say happy new year folks. Anyway it isn't about the year that has been, this is about the new year to fill in for 365 days. I like thinking about possibilities and chances which might occur this year..I had enough of the dramas, pitfalls, and stressful instances. I'm not an idiot to expect a perfect life however I can somehow do something to control my emotions and start being calm and relax.

A new life far from what I used to have last year characterized by hardship and failure. Don't get me wrong. It's sort of exaggerated in some way but most of my days are not that good to be told. The start of was good. Perfect way to start the year indeed. I'll share some photos of the most significant events so far this year.. Let's Start with JANUARY.

(January 01, 2011)

Aya's Birthday in Dunedin

Thanks ate precy for inviting me:)

in Dunedin

You'll get a certificate if you reach the peak. idk if that's true.


January 09, 2011

Ate precy's master cooking skills

with Stew

timer works!

January 15, 2011

Watched movie as a stress relief after the exam.


This was insane! Had One Shot before going on duty!

(January 22, 2011)

Curled my hair

bubbly Marvin and stunning Ate Precy

(January 28, 2011)

Hilarious show!


Cuddle this funny Man!

Thursday, December 23, 2010



Perhaps, it's time to say goodbye to a whole blast year that has been when I was 22 years of age. At 22, I've transformed to another persona in which I guess quite stronger and slightly waterproof! Trying to cope up with changes, I have learned to become resistant to whatever thorns along the way though they leave some pretty deep scar. They said I'm young, fragile, and inexperience. There's no way I can be bother by those because I know for a fact that there's something I can make a mark for myself.

My goal since I was young was to go abroad at 21 years old. Basically, I failed that for I arrived here in New Zealand at the age of 22. It's quite funny because I proud to say that my job here is my first ever job since I graduated last 2008 excluding the times I've done a month of training/volunteer in a Hospital. What an experience isn't? Seriously, I haven't achieved my ultimate goal. It'll take some time before I accomplish it. I've wasted a whole of being a piece of junk. Not that I'm not proud of my job but it's not worth it to stick with it. Nevermind, a piece of advice from my quirky head, DREAM ON!

Every year, I've made sure that my birthdays should be a meaningful day for me. I can do a thing which will make me happy though there's absence of gifts, friends, foods, and family. Since I was a little, my parents would always throw a party for me. Heaps of gifts from friends, godmother/godfathers,relatives and random people. Fun games, entertainment, balloons, party tables and chairs, great dress, mouthwatering foods, party music, in short, a whole lot of fun!! Even now that I'm grown up, I can find way to amuse myself like inviting my friends for a simple gathering for lunch or maybe dinner and sing karaoke all day long. Simple as photoshoot would make me happy. To be with the people whom I give importance, is one of the best gift that I can have. I don't materials things or bunch of foods around me, a simple greeting is far more thoughtful than any other thing in the world.

Literally, this was my first birthday away from my family and friends. It saddened me to realize how lonely it could be in my most important day in my life which happens just once a year and it will never happen again ever. How can you turn 23 over and over again seriously??!! But you know what made happy, it was the greetings from friends over facebook, a night of work with less stress, greetings from people whom I have told that it was my birthday..hahaha, thoughtfulness of ate precy to treat me for dinner, voice chat with family thru skype, gift from people that I've received, and just a good weather! hehe:D Though it seems like I have nothing to be sad about, still, I feel incomplete especially now that Christmas is just around the corner. I can hear the word christmas wherever I go.

Is there any reason for me to be merry this Christmas? Let's see... I will keep you posted on actually how to celebrate Christmas alone.




Thursday, December 2, 2010

No turning back!

This is it! I probably making one of the hardest decision of my life. I know it's should be done earlier as possible. I took a chance of letting time goes by without making any sense of my life here in nz. Until I reached the end of the year when all things were sorted out and created the final outcome of the questions I've been asking in my mind. Yay! so creepy! I have to be prepared like BIG TIME! Pls. pray for my success! I'm thankful because there's wonderful people along the way who won't hesitate to help.. thanks:))

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Shot by mois (27.11.10)

After a long time, I've managed to check my blogger account! haha. You know me, I've been busy working but now, I'm gonna rise and shine. It doesn't matter if I get less hours of sleep as long as I can see the beauty of the sun and people passing by. I wanna drink my favorite cup of frappucino and unwind in the library with my laptop chillaxing! Aside from working and surpassing work challenges, I'm having fun spending time with myself. Not that I'm a loner, but basically it's way for me to discover what I wanted in life and not listening to those buggers! Anyway, they give spice in my life and so I need them to give a little spunk in my peaceful

Chase your dream is my new motto. I don't want to be rotten like a bunch of bananas trying to be like everyone. Who don't wants to fly and explore life? It's better to try than not to try it at all just because of stupid excuses! No use of talking and arguing with them. Such a waste of time!! ahahaha.. just kidding..We have our own perception on what's right from what's wrong. If your mature and old enough to decide on what to do, well then, good on you.

Let's see what life's in store for me.....